If your child becomes ill, we may call you and request that you pick up your child within an hour to keep the illness from spreading to other children. Following are state regulations for illness pickup:

(A) If children exhibit any of the following symptoms, they must be sent home:

  1. Diarrhea—more than one (1) abnormally loose stool. If a child has one (1) loose stool, s/he shall be observed for additional loose stools or other symptoms. Children may return to daycare after being diarrhea free for 24 hrs and bowel movements have returned to normal OR a medical exam indicates the illness is not contagious ;
  2. Severe coughing—if the child gets red or blue in the face or makes high-pitched croupy or whooping sounds after coughing;
  3. Difficult or rapid breathing (especially important in infants under six (6) months);
  4. Yellowish skin or eyes;
  5. Pinkeye—tears, redness of eyelid lining, irritation, followed by swelling or discharge of pus;
  6. Unusual spots or rashes;
  7. Sore throat or trouble swallowing;
  8. An infected skin patch(es)—crusty, bright yellow, dry or gummy areas of the skin;
  9. Unusually dark, tea-colored urine;
  10. Grey or white stool;
  11. Fever over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit (100°F) by mouth or ninety-nine degrees Fahrenheit (99°F) under the arm;
  12. Headache and stiff neck;
  13. Vomiting more than once; and
  14. Severe itching of the body or scalp, or scratching of the scalp. These may be symptoms of lice or scabies.

(B) Parental contact and the decision made shall be recorded and filed in the child’s record.

(C) The ill child shall be kept isolated from the other children until the parent(s) arrives.

Administering Medication – If we need to give your children medication, we will be glad to do so. A state medication authorization form will be provided to you and must be filled out. Following are the State regulations we must follow when administering medication.

(A) All medication shall be given to a child only with the dated, written permission of the parent(s) stating the length of time medication may be given.

(B) Prescription medication shall be in the original container and labeled with the child’s name, instructions for administration, including the times and amounts for dosages and the physician’s name. This may include sample medication provided by a physician.

(C) All nonprescription medication shall be in the original container and labeled by the parent(s) with the child’s name, and instructions for administration, including the times and amounts for dosages.

(D) All medication shall be stored out of reach of children or in a locked container.

(E) Medication shall be returned to storage immediately after use.

(F) Medication needing refrigeration shall be kept in the refrigerator in a container separate from food.

(G) Medication shall be returned to the parent(s) or disposed of immediately when no longer needed.

(H) The date and time(s) of administration, the name of the individual giving the medication and the quantity of any medication given shall be recorded promptly after administration. This information shall be filed in the child’s record after the medication is no longer necessary.


At Jenner’s Kids, a “Name to Face” roster is maintained in all of our classrooms and is monitored and checked hourly, and before and after movement in and out of classrooms. Children are never left unattended.

A NOAA weather radio is monitored in the facility.

Fire drills and tornado drills are held monthly and recorded within the center.

All accidents and incidents are recorded on an incident report. Parents will receive a copy of the report at pick up time and the original will be placed in your child’s file.