General: Our goal at Jenner’s Kids Daycare is to provide a quality learning and development environment for ages 6 weeks to 17 years of age. We understand that parents want a caring environment that allows their children to develop both social and academic skills. We take this responsibility seriously and are patient with children to help develop these skills.

Curriculum: Our theme based curriculum is developed in house and approved by our center director before being published for use in our classrooms. All lesson plans are clearly posted in each room and are followed daily. These lesson plans are designed for all classrooms from infants though school agers to develop those age appropriate skills necessary to advance the children in both social and academic areas.

Behavior Development: Our approach to behavior development includes a positive reinforcement practice that utilizes redirection and conflict resolution. We teach the children that it’s all about making good choices. We use a color clip chart system that the children are directly involved in and can influence the progress of their day. When and if necessary, time out, or cool-down time is used.