Emphasis on Self-Help Skills

Two’s and Three’s Room

General: Our Two’s and Three’s room continues development where left off in the Toddler room. A larger emphasis is placed on academics in this room with the formal curriculum part of the day being from 9:00am – 11:00am. Our curriculum is very structured and engaging for the children. We also step up the emphasis for the need of hand washing and personal hygiene in this classroom. Potty training is also supported in this room. The teachers will make hourly bathroom trips and also support on-demand potty trips when necessary. There is a diapering station in this room to handle diaper or pull-up changes, and of course, those accidents. All children sleep on cots. The parent is responsible to supply a sheet, blanket, pillow, and a comfort item such as a favorite stuffed animal if needed. Nap time is from 12:30pm thru 2:30pm. A child is not forced to nap, but must try to nap for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, they must spend whatever time they don’t nap quietly engaged in an activity.

The children eat lunch from our menu in our dining room and drink from open cups. Food from outside the center is not allowed to be brought in for children age two and up. Any exceptions to this policy will need to be supported by a medical necessity. All children must wash their hands before they eat, after they eat, after going to the bathroom, following outside play, and following any messy projects.

Our teachers make the difference. We take great pride in our teachers as they are engaging, patient, loving, and they want to be here. One can easily tell if a caregiver is engaged and happy by the way they interact with the children. Parents are encouraged to observe the classrooms at any time. We provide a detailed daily take home sheet every day for your child. This sheet communicates to the parents things like; when and how well they ate their meals, diaper changing times and/or potty breaks, nap times, what they learned today, how they are doing on supplies, etc.


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